We’re boots-on-the-ground, dirt-under-the-fingernails kind of people. Literally.

About MyCrops

When it comes to solving the environmental challenges we face today, most people fall in one of two camps. Either technology will help us safely meet the needs of a growing world population, or the burdens of uncharted consumption will eventually exhaust our planet.

Both viewpoints matter. You probably identify with both, and so do we.

As farmers, we see no alternative to respecting and preserving the earth’s resources. But as computer vision experts, our mission is to advance the tech-driven version of the future by empowering growers to meet their goals sustainably.

Meet our team

We keep it down-to-earth


Asaf Levy

Co-Founder & CEO

Assaf Gavish

Co-Founder & CSO

Meet our advisory board

They're Ag 4.0 people, too


Shalom Simhon

Former Israeli Minister of Agriculture


Yoram Kapulnik

Former director of Israel’s national agriculture research institute, Volcani Center

Avinoam Brog

Experienced entrepreneur in the market research industry