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Keep track of crucial information and make data-driven decisions regarding your operations from day 1.

All in one farm management software

MyCrops Farm Manager

MyCrops platform is a feature-packed farm management software suite that includes all the essential tools to help farmers optimize and monitor crop production and track farm performance in real time.


MyCrops workflows
A new approach for precision agriculture

Fully customizable workflows

Pick and choose templates for:

  • GACP & GMP Compliance
  • Nursery traceability
  • Greenhouse operators
  • Fruit trees
  • Or create your own…
Easy to use farming tools

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Streamline and optimize your operations, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

Ag retailers

Ag retailers

Track inventory, manage customer relationships, and make data-driven decisions, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Ag cooperatives

Ag cooperatives

Improve communication and coordination among members, streamline operations make important decisions based on concrete data-driven analytics.

Farmer in greenhouse checking the health of a tomato plant using the MyCrops SCOUT app on a tablet
Farmer standing in a greenhouse holding a potted plant and clipboard
Farmer using the MyCrops SCOUT mobile app on a tablet

Finally, a Farm Management Software for everybody

Managing crops manually is challenging and unpredictable. Yet, for most growers, the digital agricultural revolution has been slow to deliver easy and affordable services that provide real value.

MyCrops is different. Raised on farms and trained as software development experts, we build automated solutions that solve problems we have faced ourselves. Solutions that make day-to-day management more comprehensive and efficient, improving productivity and increasing profitability.

Our platform improvement stems from hundreds of thousands of mobile app users, providing rich context and insights. You'll get clear dashboard views to equip your entire team with metrics they can actually use to perform their tasks more effectively.

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The next agricultural revolution has arrived.

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